Saturday, May 30, 2015

What's Your Ghost Story?

I'm fascinated by ghosts. Are they real? If so, are they a genuine supernatural occurrence or some aberration of nature? One theory says that when we die, our energy passes into the quantum realm and moves onward towards another state of being. Could ghosts be us peering into that quantum reality by accident or having them leak into our reality?

There's really no way to know for sure. The religious will tell us that they are the souls of the departed returning from heaven or hell, or are stuck here in a type of purgatory, doomed to wander the Earth until someone or something allows them to go to their final rest. Ghost hunters try to prove the physical characteristics, carrying EMF meters and infra-red cameras to gather evidence that ghosts exits. Skeptics will say that ghosts are nothing more than our brains playing tricks on us. It's been proven in laboratory studies that strong magnetic fields will play havoc with our sense. They make us feel like there is someone else in the room with us, make us feel paranoid, and in some cases, make us hear voices and see shadows out of the corners of our eyes.

Who is right? I couldn't say, I've never had a paranormal least of which I'm aware. But I love hearing and reading other people's stories about their encounters with ghosts and other paranormal entities.

I became a huge fan of the website in 1999. I would sit for hours pouring over the thousands of ghost stories collected there by the site's founder, Rowena Gilbert. She and I became fast Internet buddies and when she left this realm way too young in 2008, the Castle of Spirit's torch was passed to me. Now I get to be the one telling ghost stories to the world and I love every email I receive loaded with someone's experience with the paranormal.

The site has been dormant lately but it's time to breathe some more life into it and keep the stories flowing. To kick things off, I'm offering the Castle of Spirits: Tome of Lost Tales book for free in Kindle this weekend, May 30 - June 1. I hope you'll download your copy and come visit the site. And please send me your stories - no matter how crazy it may seem, there are thousands like you out there just waiting to read it.

To download the book, please go to the Tome of Lost Tales on Amazon.
After you've finished the book, come read 4000+ other stories at Be sure to visit the story submission page and tell me your own story!

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