Monday, June 23, 2014

Winter's Advent Book Three, Brijit's Pursuit, Releases July 1 #MFRWauthor

The third book in my vampire erotica Winter's Advent series is set to release on July 1...happy Canada Day to me! Brijit's Pursuit continues the story of the vampire Brijit, two hundred years after the events of The Taking of Brijit.

Brijit is settled in 14th century London, living a comfortable life but haunted by the events of the past. Her life is turned upside down when she meets the enigmatic James and she must decide if the past can stay buried enough for her to find love again.

Winter's Advent is the prequel to my first series, Shelter from the Winter. It follows the early life of my main character, Brijit McRaith, as she deals with her transformation into a vampire at the hands of the madman, Eochaid. Books one and two, Eochaid's Obsession and The Taking of Brijit, are currently available from and

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's release day! Book two of my Winter's Advent series, The Taking of Brijit is now available from eXtasy Books!

Chained to an Irish hillside, Brijit is at the mercy of the madman, Eochaid. After undergoing a painful transformation at his hands, Brijit must come to terms with her new reality as a vampire and seek help from her doting husband, Fáelán. But will he accept what she’s become or cast her out from his life forever?